3 Reasons To Hire An Immigration Attorney After You Have Moved

Immigration attorneys are immensely helpful during the immigration process, but sometimes even more so after you have already moved. While this might seem counterintuitive, lawyers who specialize in immigration law are prepared to assist you during all sorts of circumstances once you have settled in. Continue reading to discover three situations in which an immigration attorney can help.

Finding a Job

If you are in the United States because your spouse has moved for work, you might naturally want to take up a job yourself, whether it's to earn extra income or to gain relevant professional experience. That said, you may also be unaware of which jobs are available to you on your current visa, and how exactly to go about getting one. An immigration lawyer can advise you on both counts so that you can be sure you aren't working illegally or in an unsatisfactory job.

Obtaining Permanent Residency

If you have already been in the United States for some time and are thinking about staying longer, then you may be starting to consider the possibility of getting a green card, or permanent residency. In this case, you will need to determine if you are eligible, gather the appropriate documents if so, have your application reviewed by immigration authorities, and take part in an interview about your future residency. An attorney can assist you with every step, form, and procedure that might otherwise be cause for headaches and confusion. While it's certainly possible to do it all yourself, you should know that even the smallest mistake or can set the legal process back weeks or months.

Government Assistance

Life in a new country isn't always easy, and sometimes you might wonder if you are eligible for government assistance while on your visa. A knowledgable and experienced immigration lawyer can work with you to identify government programs that you are eligible to take part in and explain how those programs can improve your quality of life. They will also likely be able to advise you on immigration tax law and how your financial responsibilities are affected by your participation in a government assistance program. While not every government assistance program that is available to US citizens is also available to those on a temporary visa, you can potentially save significant amounts of time and money by consulting an immigration attorney about which ones apply to you. To learn more, contact a firm like the Ricardo Skerrett Immigration Law Firm.

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Immigration attorneys are immensely helpful during the immigration process, but sometimes even more so after you have already moved. While this might

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