Asylum Or Refugee Status: Which Should You Request?

The world often sees the United States as a safe haven. Citizens in countries with unstable governments can dream about creating a new life in the United States.

There are a few ways to go about the process of immigrating to the U.S. from a country in political turmoil. The most common are filing for refugee status or seeking asylum. It's important to know as much as possible about both processes so that you can take advantage of the immigration avenue best suited to help meet your needs in the future.


The first thing that you need to take into consideration when you are trying to immigrate to the United States from a tumultuous country is your location at the time you decide to make your move.

Individuals who are already living in the United States or who have been detained at a port of entry can seek asylum. An application must be filled out, reviewed by immigration services, and approved within a year of entry in order to qualify for asylum.

Individuals who have been displaced from their home country but have not yet arrived in the United States will need to file for refugee status.

Ability to Work

Another factor that you must consider when immigrating to the United States is your desired work status. You must have a plan to support yourself and your family after you immigrate to the United States. For many people, this means obtaining a job.

Immigrants seeking asylum will need to gain special authorization to work while their application is being reviewed. Refugees can legally seek employment as soon as they enter the United States, since a refugee application must be approved before entry into the country is granted.

Help With Filing

Navigating the application process for both asylum and refugee status can be a challenge. Many immigrants will need help obtaining the right paperwork and filling out the forms to submit to the United States government for review.

If you are seeking to enter the United States as a refugee, you can obtain help at the nearest U.S. Embassy. If you want to claim asylum, you can seek out the assistance of an experienced immigration law attorney.

Having professional help can eliminate mistakes that might cause your application for either asylum or refugee status to be denied. Making a mistake on your application could cause you to become eligible for deportation, so relying on professional immigration law services for help is always a good idea.

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