Tips For Getting A Work Permit In The US

Getting a work permit will allow you to come and live in US, prove that you have something to offer the country, and increase your chances of finally being able to live there permanently. However, getting your foot in the door is the hardest part. Here are some tips for finding a work sponsor that will help you get your permit. 

1. Check Your Profession

If you want a work permit in order to be employed in the US, you are going to need to have a job that the US needs. There are a few different categories that you can fall into in order to maximize your chances of getting a work permit. The first is any job that requires a B.A. degree or highly talented and distinguished runway models. This type of job fall underneath the H1-B Visa and shows the US government that you have had training in your country that has allowed you to master a skill or a profession that takes time. Essentially, you prove that you have something that would be difficult for other people to get.

Another common profession that allows people to get work visas easily are international entertainers or athletes. Check with your immigration attorney regarding the possibility of your getting this type of visa. Some unusual jobs, such as professional online streamer for video games and professional e-sports player fall under the category of entertainer and athlete respectively. You'll never know until you ask.

2. Choose the Best Location

Another way to find a work permit sponsor is to apply to areas where the job in which you specialize is desperately needed. For example, you will be more likely to find a work permit sponsor if you apply to an area that needs more nurses because there will be more companies willing to go through the hoops of getting your a work permit. If you apply to areas that already have a lot of people specializing in your profession, companies will be more likely to not accept employees that require them to sponsor work permits.

3. Talk to People Who Have Already Worked in the US

Finally, talk to other people who have lived and worked in the US, especially those in your job field. They will be able to recommend employers to you that already have experience getting work permits for their employees and will therefore be more willing to do so again, since they are familiar with this part of the bureaucracy.

For more information, talk to an immigration lawyer, such as one from Tesoroni & Leroy.

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